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Valentines Playlist


Track Information[edit]

  1. "Love is Patient" by Brianna Gaither from the 2011 album Love is Patient.
  2. "Autumn Motion, Memory Faded" by New Time Zones from the 2018 EP Stage One.
  3. "Lost Without Each Other" by Hanson from the 2004 album Underneath.
  4. "Have You Ever Been in Love" by The Ivy from the 2017 single Have You Ever Been in Love.
  5. "You Tonight" by Fiawna Forté from the 2010 album Transitus.
  6. "I'm Gonna Love You" by David Cook from the 2015 album Digital Vein.
  7. "Love Runs Out" by OneRepublic from the 2013 album Native.
  8. "Don't Let Me Go" by K.C. Clifford from the 2012 EP Plinky Child's Piano.
  9. "I Adore Mi Amor" by Color Me Badd from the 1991 album C.M.B..
  10. "Funnel of Love" by Wanda Jackson with The Cramps from the 2003 album Heart Trouble.
  11. "It's Over My Head" by Wade Hayes from the 1996 album On a Good Night.
  12. "One I Love" by Vintage Wildflowers from the 2014 album In Full Bloom.
  13. "How Deep is the Ocean, How High is the Sky" by Lee Wiley from the 1952 album Lee Wiley Sings Irving Berlin.
  14. "When Love Finds You" by Vince Gill from the 1994 album When Love Finds You.
  15. "Here with You" by Jared Tyler from the 2010 album Here with You.
  16. "Almost Like Being in Love" by Hal Singer & Massimo Farao Trio from the 2005 album We're Still Buddies.
  17. "Make It With You" by Bread from the 1970 album On the Waters.
  18. "The Look of Love" by Barney Kessel from the 1968 album Autumn Leaves.
  19. "Here She Comes" by Dwight Twilley Band from the 1977 album Twilley Don't Mind.
  20. "Do You Love Me" by Johnny Polygon from the 2009 EP Group Hug.
  21. "I Can Only Love You" by David Castro Band from the 2012 album Forward Parade.
  22. "Purdy Girl" by Em and the MotherSuperiors from the 2014 album Churches Into Theaters.
  23. "Feel the Love" by Lone Wild from the 2019 album Lone Wild.
  24. "I Like You" by O Fidelis from the 2017 album Long Time Coming.
  25. "You are the Right One" by Sports from the 2015 album Naked All the Time.
  26. "I Love You Because" by Jean Shepard from the 1958 album Lonesome Love.
  27. "Hold You, Kiss You, Love You" by Toby Keith from the 1999 album How Do You Like Me Now?!.
  28. "Notice Me" by We the Ghost from the 2016 album A Stereophonic Listening Experience.
  29. "Sex on Fire" by Kings of Leon from the 2008 album Only by the Night.
  30. "Love You Like" by Morgan Ganem from the 2019 single Love You Like.
  31. "Loving My Love" by Aubrey Shine from the 2019 single Loving My Love.
  32. "Pining" by Parker Millsap from the 2016 album The Very Last Day.
  33. "Love After Midnight" by Patti Page from the 1964 album Love After Midnight.
  34. "Love is All Around" by Darla Z from the 2015 album Darla Z's Love Songs Round the World
  35. "Can't Help Falling in Love with You" by Maxine Weldon from the 2002 album Call It Love.
  36. "I Love You More Than Words Can Say" by Karen Dalton from the 1969 album It's So Hard to Tell Who's Going to Love You the Best.
  37. "Everything About Her" by The Killings from the 2019 EP The Killings.
  38. "Let's Stay Together" by Stephanie Oliver and Henry Aberson from the 2018 album Oliver / Aberson.
  39. "Letters (DJ Kylie Remix)" by Casii Stephan and remixed by DJ Kylie from the 2019 single Letters (DJ Kylie Remix).
  40. "Summertime Magic" by Lilac Kings from the 2019 compilation Got You Covered, Vol. 3.
  41. "What Love Can Be" by American Boyfriends from the 2001 album What Love Can Be....
  42. "You'll See" by Frank Mantooth with Paula West from the 2005 album Ladies Sing for Lovers.
  43. "Eleventwentyone" by Reconcile from the 2004 album Chronicles: The Lineage, Life, & Legacy.
  44. "I've Got to Have You" by Sammi Smith from the 1972 album Something Old, Something New, Something Blue.