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Oklahoma: Rock Archives


Oklahoma Rock: Past, Present, & Future[edit]

Oklahoma's history with rock music is as long and varied as the genre itself. Beginning in the 1950s, Tulsa became so well revered for its unique blend of rock and roll, rockabilly, swamp rock, country, and blues that an entire subgenre, Tulsa Sound, sprang out of the state.

While many artists, like J. J. Cale, Leon Russell, Gary Busey, and David Gates (Bread) left the state in search of career advancement elsewhere, their journey only spread Oklahoma's rock roots to a wider audience. Soon, artists such as Eric Clapton and Tom Petty, would seek out members for their backing bands from the enormous talent pool in our state.

As the music industry has changed, so has Oklahoma's rock music scene. We have delved into every subgenre of rock and continued to show the world our talent. Be it Taddy Porter with unmatched blues rock, New Time Zones pioneering synth rock, or The Taylor Machine and their hook driven pop rock, Oklahoma has some of the best any genre has to offer. Some artists, like Good Villains, have even coined their own genre, doom pop. Oklahoma has and will always be on the front lines of rock music.

The artists included here are only a small sampling of what this great state has to offer. We highly encourage you to browse through the Archives and become familiar with Oklahoma rockers, past and present.

Track Information[edit]

  1. "Better Part of Hate" by Good Villains from the 2018 album Vantablack.
  2. "Unbreakable" by Bravo Delta from the 2019 album Unbreakable.
  3. "Atrophy" by ModernMyth from the 2018 album Tides.
  4. "Talks Like Alabama" by Joshua & the Holy Rollers from the single "Talks Like Alabama".
  5. "Greyhound" by Weston Horn & The Hush from the 2017 album Vol. 1.
  6. "Power Be" by Zunis from the 2018 album Earth to Self.
  7. "Never Again" by Power Pyramid from the 2017 album Nova.
  8. "High in High School" by Chainsaw Kittens from the 1994 album Pop Heiress.
  9. "Hopeless" by Goodfella from the 2018 album We're All Attached to Something.
  10. "Nowhere" by Violence to Vegas from the 2019 album Venom.
  11. "Designer Genes" by The Bourgeois from the 2016 album Designer Genes.
  12. "Karma Ride" by Feel Spectres from the 2014 album Meet Your Double.
  13. "Time 2 Wake Up" by Congress of a Crow from the 2007 album Between Shadows & Sunrise.
  14. "The Sailor, The Captain" by All About a Bubble from the 2014 album The Sailor, The Captain.
  15. "Turquoise Mountains" by Animal Names from the 2016 album Animal Names.
  16. "Grapevine" by Sovereign Dame from the 2015 album The Stories That You Tell.
  17. "Something You Should Know" by Nicnos from the 2014 album Nicnos.
  18. "The Undesignated Flightpath of a Teenage Astronaut" by Dire Gnome from the 2019 album Homebrew.
  19. "Working Class Queer" by Girls Club from the 2017 album Polyglamorous.
  20. "Do You Realize??" by The Flaming Lips from the 2002 album Yoshima Battles the Pink Robots.
  21. "Sunset Boulevard" by Kali Ra from the 2018 album Sunset Boulevard.
  22. "Repeaterette" by Em and the MotherSuperiors from the 2014 album Churches Into Theaters.
  23. "Get In My Car" by Broncho from the 2018 album Bad Behavior.
  24. "Better Than Nothing at All" by Admiral Twin from the 2000 album Mock Heroic.
  25. "Falling" by Cavern Company from the 2019 album So This is Happiness.
  26. "Reflexions" by New Time Zones from the 2018 EP Stage One.
  27. "Air-Conditioned Love" by Ludo from the 2004 album Ludo.
  28. "Slip Slide Melting" by For Love Not Lisa from the 1993 album Merge.
  29. "We Are the Enemy" by Aranda from the 2015 album Not the Same.
  30. "Sugar" by Mollys Yes from the 1999 album Wonderworld.
  31. "The Alchemist" by The Secret Post from the 2012 album Fields of Fire.
  32. "Runaway Daydream" by The Ivy from the 2020 album We Move Faster at Night.
  33. "Pigs in Hell" by Black Wednesday from the 2007 album Debut.
  34. "Switchblade" by Groucho from the 2016 album Groucho.
  35. "What It Means to Love" by The Shelter People from the 2017 album The Shelter People.
  36. "Lemons" by Callupsie from the 2008 album Callupsie.
  37. "Et Tu" by The Taylor Machine from the 2019 album Hometown Advantage.
  38. "Rocketship" by The Wright Brothers from the 2017 album Cosmic Hearts.
  39. "Messing With My Head" by Tinted Windows from the 2009 album Tinted Windows.
  40. "High" by The Young Vines from the 2017 album Habits + Heartbreak.
  41. "Hiding" by Diva from the 2020 album Spirit Shaker.
  42. "Jeffery Pfeiffer's Wikipedia Article Summary" by The Earslips from the 2016 album Who Has the Time.
  43. "I Won't Survive You" by The House of Jed from the 2013 album The House of Jed.
  44. "Whatever Haunts You" by Taddy Porter from the 2010 album Taddy Porter.
  45. "Vices" by Stellar Ascent from the 2018 album Terminal 1.
  46. "Terra" by Downward from the 2018 album Downward.
  47. "Black Satin" by Golden Ones from the 2019 album Hot Lunch.
  48. "Guitar Man" by Bread from the 1972 album Guitar Man.
  49. "I Told You" by One Two Ten from the 2019 album Hurry Up & Wait.
  50. "Mr. Nice Guy" by The Odyssey from the 2019 album Stormcoming!.