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Promoter Affiliation(s) Genre(s) Region(s) Homebase
Billy Dauber
Brian Horton Horton Records Folk Oklahoma
Darryl Ray Tugler Jr.
Doc Roc Doc Roc Productions
Donnie Rich
Dorian Hill
Jim Davis|
Jimmy Wade
John Taylor
Justin L. Walmer
Marty Overbey
Matt Lip
Matt Eidson
Patty Mccall
Steve Murdock
Tracy Duke
Wes Turner Re:Mission Entertainment ElectronicIndustrialWitch House International Oklahoma City, OK
Zack Martinez


Social Media[edit]

Websites, Blogs, and Archives[edit]

  • Make Oklahoma Weirder
    • Album reviews, music video releases, recommendations, and more.Dedicated to the Oklahoma music scene.
  • Poster Child
    • Archive of local concert posters. Features many local bands.
  • Support Local Metal
    • Blog featuring interviews with Oklahoma Metal artists.
  • Terminal Escape
    • Archive of digitized cassettes with personal stories of the artists. Features many local bands from the 90s.
  • US75
    • Archive of local artists and shows between 1999-2005.