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Oklahoma: Metal Archives


Track Information[edit]

  1. "Once Upon a Time" by Angelical Tears from the 2018 single "Once Upon a Time".
  2. "Machaira" by XIII Minutes from the 2019 album Obsessed.
  3. "Speed God and the Rise of the Motherfuckers from a Place Beyond Hell" by Rainbows are Free from the 2014 album Waves Ahead of the Ocean.
  4. "Blow My Mind" by Dryvr from the 2020 single "Blow My Mind".
  5. "Blood Diamond" by Understanding Eris from the 2019 album Void Earth.
  6. "The Darkest Red" by The Agony Scene from the 2005 album The Darkest Red.
  7. "Stagnant Water" by Anti-Mortem from the 2014 album New Southern.
  8. "Structural Integrity in the Age of Falling Empire" by Senior Fellows from the 2016 album The Christened Remains of an Evolutionary Catastrophe.
  9. "Fade the Blue Line" by Give Way from the 2019 album Coalition.
  10. "A Golden Technique" by Destroyer Destroyer from the 2007 album Littered with Arrows.
  11. "Signal Degredation" by Perseus from the 2020 album Rise.
  12. "Survival Condition" by Komarov from the 2010 album Soyuz-1.
  13. "Hunger" by Eternal Decision from the 1996 album Eternal Decision.
  14. "Eat Your Heart Out" by Outline in Color from the 2016 album Struggle.
  15. "Estranger" by Vangough from the 2009 album Manikin Parade.
  16. "Uprising" by Horde Casket from the 2017 album Xenopocalypse.
  17. "Infinite Struggle" by Against the Damned from the 2012 album Against the Damned.
  18. "Creators of All Existence" by Basses Loaded from the 2018 album Creators of All Existence.
  19. "Silience" by Aberrant Construct from the 2018 album Silience.
  20. "Electric Chair" by Aggravated Nuisance from the 2019 Albums album Deadly Forces.
  21. "Rendered Insane" by Longpig from the 2015 album Devour All.
  22. "The River" by Dischordia from the 2016 album Thanatopsis.
  23. "Mirrored Men" by Arkhon from the 2019 single "Mirrored Men".
  24. "Metamorphosis" by Xerophthalmia from the 2019 album Forlorn // Hope.
  25. "Unscathed" by All Seems Lost from the 2017 album Unscathed.
  26. "Dissected Hollow" by Skysia from the 2018 album Skysia.
  27. "Mein Madness" by Forté from the 1990 album Dementia by Design.
  28. "Prison Skin" by Idre from the 2017 album Unforgiving Landscapes.
  29. "The Mad King" by Sixth Gear from the 2019 single "The Mad King".
  30. "Start Again" by Down for Five from the 2006 album Time Has Come.