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Oklahoma: Folk Archives

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Track Information[edit]

  1. "Boomer Sooner Breakdown" by Byron Berline from Flyin' Fingers.
  2. "Talking Oklahoma Blues" by Joel T. Mosman from Talking Oklahoma Blues single.
  3. "Out to Space" by Jesse Aycock from Flowers & Wounds.
  4. "Three Wonderful Words" by Ken Pomeroy from Hallways.
  5. "Red Sky, Blue Mountain" by Samantha Crain from You Had Me at Goodbye.
  6. "Salem" by Penny Hill from Unbutton Your Heart.
  7. "Wicker Man" by Chris Blevins from Better Than Alone.
  8. "Two Long Days " by Andy Adams from Back to Square One.
  9. "Lilacs and Wet Ashes" by Michael Ray Little from Sigh in the Night Grass.
  10. "If I Were a Ghost" by Annie Oakley from Words We Mean.
  11. "Get Over" by Green Corn Rebellion from Get Over/Don't Leave.
  12. "Fool's Gold" by The Damn Quails from Down the Hatch.
  13. "Funny How Time Slips Away" by Leon Russell from Best of Hank Wilson.
  14. "Robin's Egg Blue" by Erin O'Dowd from Old Town.
  15. "Oklahoma Girl" by Susan Herndon from All Fall Down.
  16. "Nothing but Time" by Kyle Reid from Love and Trust (In the Age of St. Sugar Britches).
  17. "Dancing" by Young Readers from Migrator.
  18. "Ooh La La" by Mountain Smoke from Sing and Dance Again.
  19. "Unfamiliar Road" by Desi and Cody from Desi and Cody.
  20. "Fort Gibson Lake" by Jared Tyler from Dirt on Your Hands.
  21. "Self Medication" by Erik Oftedahl from Places.
  22. "Good Company" by Kalyn Fay from Good Company.
  23. "Happy Song #2" by O Fidelis from Long Time Coming.
  24. "I am Stretched on Your Grave" by Vintage Wildflowers from In Full Bloom.
  25. "This Land is Your Land (Alternate Take)" by Woody Guthrie from Woody at 100: The Woody Guthrie Centennial Collection.