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Electronic Playlist

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Track Information[edit]

  1. "Pop Rocker Teeny Bopper Cherry Popper" by Morgueanne DiMonica from the 2019 album Life Ruiner.
  2. "The Last Thoughts of an Insane Girl" by Asy9 from the 2005 album Forlorn.
  3. "The Darkness Within Swirlstar" by Seventh Element from the 2019 album In Her Mind.
  4. "The Devil Inside Me" by Visions in Black from the 2017 album Hollow Vessel.
  5. "Pockets" by Applied Music Program from the 2015 single "Pockets".
  6. "Dreams Beyond Control" by Black Magnet from the 2018 EP Black Magnet.
  7. "DVMN (Original Mix)" by Crystal Vision from the 2016 single "DVMN".
  8. "Haminja" by Esoterik from the 2019 album Énouement.
  9. "Pillar of Smoke on Fiji Hill" by James McAlister from the 2018 EP Three Breaths.
  10. "Descending Dragons" by Rei Rurouni from the 2014 album The Battle of Skara Brae.
  11. "World 1" by Revenue LLC from the 2019 EP Introducing....
  12. "Keep It Simple" by Tyler Thrasher from the 2018 single "Keep It Simple".
  13. "Someone Else" by Robert Maril from the 2018 single Someone Else.
  14. "Pizza Mafia (Mafia Pizza Mix)" by Free Advertizement from the 2020 album Found.
  15. "Between the Lines" by Westeray from the 2020 album Between the Lines.
  16. "Live for the Life" by Basileus Rex from the 2020 album Neon Dreams.
  17. "Daylight" by Twisted Psykie from the 2019 album Nightfall.
  18. "Encounter" by Dr. Plasticine from the 2013 album Dr. Plasticine.
  19. "Hold Me Down" by Heresy Theory from the 2011 album Six Feet Away.
  20. "Fullest Moon" by Bleverly Hills from the 2020 album Radiance.
  21. "Change It Up" by Red Red Groove from the 2020 EP Change It Up.
  22. "Glittered Ripples from the Depths" by The Synthetic Dream Foundation from the 2010 album Mechanical Serpent.
  23. "Spiraling" by Chrim from the 2020 album Niespelniona.
  24. "Colours" by Painted Orange from the 1992 album Painted Orange.
  25. "You Never Had to Believe It" by Dano Kablamo from the 2019 album Until We Go Into the Night.
  26. "Midtown Matinee" by Frustrated Housewives from the 2000 album Deconstructing Dreamland.
  27. "There's a New Cowboy in Town" by HeartWerk from the 2021 album The Man Who Shot the Sheriff.
  28. "Scandalous Single" by Weird Files. from the 2014 album Slau..
  29. "Hallo" by Karger Traum from the 2020 album III.
  30. "Anti-Matter" by Star Madman from the 2019 album Alone.

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