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Oklahoma: Country Archives


Track Information

  1. "Ten Penny Nail" by Carter Sampson from the 2018 album Lucky.
  2. "Bein' Meat" by Joel T. Mosman & Oklahoma Uprising from the 2018 single Bein' Meat.
  3. "Lost in This Moment" by Aaron Sadler from the 2018 single Lost in This Moment.
  4. "Oklahoma Weather" by Jesse Joice from the 2015 EP Oklahoma Weather.
  5. "Ghosts On the Stereo" by Carrie Underwood from the 2018 album Cry Pretty.
  6. "Flowers in Your Hair" by Travis Linville from the 2017 album Up Ahead.
  7. "The Verdigris" by Beau Jennings from the 2015 album The Verdigris.
  8. "Pickup Man" by Joe Diffie from the 1994 album Third Rock from the Sun.
  9. "Good Things" by Annie Oakley from the 2018 album Words We Mean.
  10. "You Got to Me" by Drankmore from the 2012 single You Got to Me.
  11. "Dirty" by Sarah Dunn Band from the 2016 EP Wild Wild Heart.
  12. "Don't Let Our Love Start Slipping Away" by Vince Gill from the 1992 album I Still Believe in You.
  13. "Gone (Daddy I Miss You)" by Meagen White from the 2015 single Gone (Daddy I Miss You).
  14. "Right Where I Began" by Jason Boland & the Stragglers from the 2018 album Hard Times are Relative.
  15. "Country Boy" by JD McPherson from the 2011 album Signs and Signifiers.
  16. "Stay Around" by J. J. Cale from the 2018 album Stay Around.
  17. "Finger on the Trigger" by Brandon Jenkins from the 2019 album Down in Flames.
  18. "You Don't Care for Me Enough to Try" by John Moreland from the 2015 album High on Tulsa Heat.
  19. "Should've Been a Cowboy" by Toby Keith from the 1993 album Toby Keith.
  20. "Where the Arkansas River Leaves Oklahoma" by Red Dirt Rangers from the 2013 album Lone Chimney.
  21. "I Would Die for That" by Kellie Coffey from the 2007 album Walk On.
  22. "Sangria" by Blake Shelton from the 2014 album Bringing Back the Sunshine.
  23. "Three Good Reasons" by Jacob Tovar & the Saddle Tramps from the 2015 album Jacob Tovar & the Saddle Tramps.
  24. "Town in Oklahoma" by Wink Burcham from the 2012 compilation album The New Tulsa Sound Vol. 2: The Church Studio Sessions.
  25. "Griever Creek" by Ali Harter from the 2020 album Near the Knuckle.
  26. "Get Out on the Floor" by The Tractors from the 2020 EP Tulsa.
  27. "It's Time to Pay the Fiddler" by Cal Smith from the 1975 album It's Time to Pay the Fiddler.
  28. "Tulsa Sound" by Jared Deck from the 2019 album Bully Pulpit.
  29. "Skip a Rope" by Henson Cargill from the 1968 album Skip a Rope.
  30. "I Want a Cowboy" by Katrina Elam from the 2004 album Katrina Elam.
  31. "The Bluebonnet Song" by Kierston White from the 2014 EP Don't Write Love Songs.
  32. "Fire Shutdown in My Bones" by Jason Scott from the 2017 EP Living Rooms.
  33. "Wolves" by Andy Adams from the 2017 album Back to Square One.
  34. "Motions" by Anastasia Richardson from the 2017 album I am Beautiful.
  35. "Get On Down the Road" by The Swon Brothers from the 2020 album Nashlahoma.
  36. "Sweet Temptation" by Jean Shepard from the 1958 album Lonesome Love.
  37. "Your Cheatin' Heart" by Jody Miller from the 1965 album Home of the Brave.
  38. "Fence Posts" by Adam Miller from the 2019 album My Darling Oklahoma.
  39. "Enid, Oklahoma" by Brad Fielder from the 2018 album Country Folk.