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Guthrie, Oklahoma



Settled: April 22, 1889


Counties: Canadian
Region: OKC Metro
Guthrie Location.jpg


Notable Acts: Byron Beline

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Venues: Double Stop Fiddle Shop

Guthrie, Oklahoma was established in 1887 as a railroad station called Deer Creek on the Southern Kansas Railway running from the Kansas–Oklahoma border to Purcell. The name was later changed to Guthrie, named for jurist John Guthrie of Topeka, Kansas. A post office was established on April 4, 1889.

During 1889 some fifty thousand potential settlers gathered at the edges of the Unassigned Lands in hopes of staking a claim to a plot. At noon on April 22, 1889, cannons resounded at a 2-million acre section of Indian Territory, launching president Benjamin Harrison's "Hoss Race" or Land Run of 1889. People ran for both farmlands and towns.

During the next six hours, about 10,000 people settled in what became the capital of the new Territory of Oklahoma. Within months, Guthrie was developed as a modern brick and stone "Queen of the Prairie" with municipal water, electricity, a mass transit system, and underground parking garages for horses and carriages.

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