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Broken Flesh

Broken Flesh

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Status: Inactive
Origin: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Current Home:
Genre: MetalExtreme MetalDeath MetalChristianChristian MetalChristian Death Metal
Years Active: 2004-2021
Labels: SullenLuxor
Associated Acts: Center of DiseaseDeathlistFormaldehydeHorde CasketObliterationSeptic DevourmentVangough • Dissonant Fate • Human Meat Market • Infliction
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Current Members:
Former Members:
Live Members:
Former Live Members:
  • Adam Cook — Vocals
  • Jake Martin — Vocals



Broken Flesh was a band formed in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

2004—2008: Formation & Live Demo[edit]

The band formed in October 2004 and was created by Kevin Tubby and Brandon Lopez with Steve Maxwell later joining on. Tubby took care of vocals and lead guitar, while Maxwell took over rhythm guitars and bass, with Lopez on drums.

By 2005, Taylor Strader joined on as their bassist for a brief time. However, by 2006, both Strader and Maxwell had departed from the lineup, with Strader leaving slightly earlier than Maxwell. The band continued on as a duo for a time.

In 2007, Roy Limon and James Hendrix joined the band as rhythm guitarist and bassist respectively. Limon departed before the year was over, with Maxwell returning as rhythm guitarist.

At some point during this era, the band also recorded their debut release, a live demo.

2009—2011: Forever in Flames[edit]

In 2009, Hendrix departed as well, with Maxwell taking over the bassist position on top of his others. The three recorded their debut studio album, Forever in Flames, with Lopez on drums, Tubby on vocals and lead guitar, and Maxwell on rhythm guitars. The album was released via Sullen Records.

Maxwell departed once again and the lineup stabilized with Tubby and Lopez adding vocalist Ricky Puckett and bassist Jacob Mathes.

2012: Stripped, Stabbed, and Crucified[edit]

The band recorded an EP, Stripped, Stabbed, and Crucified, and released it independently in 2012.

Puckett departed in 2012. Following his departure, Mathes took over the vocalist position, with his brother, Joshua, taking over his former position as bassist. Steve Giddens also briefly joined as a rhythm guitarist.

2013—2014: Warbound[edit]

With the lineup of Tubby, the Mathes brothers, and Lopez, the band recorded their sophomore album, Warbound, which debuted in 2013 independently. It was later re-released by Luxor Records.

2015—2020: Broken Flesh[edit]

On September 4, 2015, the band released their third album, Broken Flesh, via Luxor Records. This release included the same lineup, with the addition of rhythm guitarist Dakota Whiteside of All Have Sinned.

On March 30, 2016, Jacob and Joshua Mathes departed from the band. Tubby again took over the vocalist position, with the band searching for a new bassist and eventually settling on Kyle Fitzgerald.

The band performed at Audiofeed Festival in 2016, with Adam Cook of A Hill to Die Upon performing vocals. By February 2017, he departed, being replaced by Bryan Nikkel, a former bandmate of Tubby's.

2021—Present: Farewell Show[edit]

In 2021, the band announced they would be performing their farewell show on August 21, 2021 at 89th Street in Oklahoma City.



Studio Albums: 4
EPs: 1
Live Albums: 1
Remix Albums:
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Live Albums[edit]

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