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Status: Inactive
Origin: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Current Home: New York City, New York • Fayetteville, Arkansas
Genre: RockElectronicIndustrial
Years Active: 1998-Present
Labels: Godboxx
Website: Bandcamp
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Asy9 was a solo artist originally based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Beginning piano lessons at an early age, she found herself hiding away in her bedroom listening to music and playing her keyboard. After playing guitar and bass in a few bands, she realized she didn't care for the drama of being in a band and started Asy9 as a solo project.

1998—2003: Drunk on Dreams of Shadows and Darkness[edit]

In 1998, Eve recorded and self-released her debut album, Drunk on Dreams of Shadows and Darkness. The track Blood On My Hands caught a bit of attention and record labels made some offers. Every offer was turned down.

2004—2006: Quicksilver, Forlorn, and Singles[edit]

In the early days, Asy9 toured as a one-person live act, running everything off of CD except for vocals. Eventually, a friend, Bryan Crump, started playing at shows. In 2005, Jeremy Gaston (of The God Project) and Egypt began assisting Eve on stage. Bryan left to continue his photography career.

Some tracks from Singles had felt some nibbles from companies like Sony, but nothing was ever secured, usually due to low-ball offers.

2013—Present: Defining Love[edit]

After a hiatus to focus on other interests and family, Eve began writing new music for an album titled Defining Love. Individual tracks from the album were uploaded to the Asy9 Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages as they were completed. While there were talks of releasing the album in a physical format, those plans fell through. The album remains available only as the individual tracks.

Since finishing Defining Love, Eve has taken a break from releasing new music. However, she still continues to play, write, and record in her home studio.



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