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2021 Playlist


Album Information[edit]

Cover Featured Tracks Genres
Fire in Little Africa.jpg
Fire in Little Africa

by Various Artists

  1. "Been Through it All"
  2. "City of Dreams"
Hip Hop
Eloquent Essence.jpg
Eloquent Essence

by Cicadia

  1. "Cancel Creature"
  2. "Herr Homunculus"
I Guess We Live Here Now.jpg
I Guess We Live Here Now

by Samantha Crain

  1. "Malachi, Goodbye"
  2. "Two Sitting Ducks"
Throwed Lenses.jpg
Throwed Lenses

by 1st Verse

  1. "24"
  2. "Sturdy"
Hip Hop
Can I Get a High Five fo LoFi?.jpg
Can I Get a High Five fo LoFi?

by Big Skin Hearts

  1. "Welcome to the City Man"
  2. "Skin Creep"
The Last Gasping Breath of the Empire.jpg
The Last Gasping Breath of the Empire

by Imperium A.D.

  1. "Age of the Blinded Eye"
  2. "Two Headed Dragon"
Saugeye Album.jpg

by Saugeye

  1. "Gwendolyn"
  2. "Dirt On Your Hands"
FolkFolk Rock
My Savior.jpg
My Savior

by Carrie Underwood

  1. "The Old Rugged Cross"
  2. "Softly and Tenderly"
ChristianCountryCountry Pop
Flavor Keeng.jpg
Flavor Keeng

by Keeng Cut

  1. "Satin"
  2. "In the Rain"
Hip Hop
Be Here Instead.jpg
Be Here Instead

by Parker Millsap

  1. "The Real Thing"
  2. "In Between"
Imposter Syndrome Part 2.jpg
Imposter Syndrome Part 2

by Outline in Color

  1. "Today's Western"
  2. "Why Should You Survive"
Solar Swell.jpg
Solar Swell

by Soulrstar

  1. "Need to Relax"
  2. "Feels It"
Hip HopR&B
Pretend Persona.jpg
Pretend Persona

by A Mixtape Catastrophe

  1. "For the Starving Artists"
  2. "Past Due Life"
RockAlternative RockProgressive Alternative
The Looking Glass.jpg
The Looking Glass

by David Cook

  1. "Reds Turn Blue"
  2. "Strange World"
RockPop Rock

by Wanda Jackson

  1. "Two Shots"
  2. "Good Girl Down"
Another Time, Another Place.jpg
Another Time, Another Place

by Jacob Tovar

  1. "I Felt Love"
  2. "Devil Woman"
I'm Still Here.jpg
I'm Still Here

by Travis Linville

  1. "I'm Still Here"
  2. "Blue Sky Bound"
Some Recurring Notes.jpg
Some Recurring Notes

by Kat Lock

  1. "Venus"
  2. "...U Up?"
RockArt RockIndie Rock
Christmas Lights in April.jpg
Christmas Lights in April

by Ken Pomeroy

  1. "Magnolia"
  2. "Rain"
Liars & Saints.jpg
Liars & Saints

by BC & the Big Rig

  1. "Liar"
  2. "Long Way to Fall"
RockAmericanaRed Dirt

by VenomStayDrippin

  1. "Drowning"
  2. "Stock Up"
Hip Hop

by Pisha

  1. "Gothweb"
  2. "I'll Be Your Dog"
Get a Good Look Pt. 1.jpg
Get a Good Look Pt. 1

by Sports

  1. "The Look"
  2. "Baby Baby"
PopAlternative PopDream Pop
Grief, Love & Other Gifts.jpg
Grief, Love & Other Gifts

by Chris Blevins

  1. "Letting Go"
  2. "Folded Arm Farewell"
Drifting in a Sea of Uncertainty.jpg
Drifting in a Sea of Uncertainty

by Lucid Awakening

  1. "Dystrophy"
  2. "Colors of a False Denomination"
RockMetalProgressive Rock

Honorable Mentions[edit]

Cover Featured Tracks Genres
First of Its Kind.jpg
First of Its Kind

by Barron Ryan

  1. "Suite Thing, Op. 2: Out for Delivery"
ClassicalContemporary ClassicalClassical Nouveau
Against the World.jpg
Against the World

by Hanson

  1. "Only Love"
RockPower Pop
Anti-Mortem Album.jpg

by Anti-Mortem

  1. "The Good Life"
MetalRockHard Rock

by Kay Starr

  1. "Betcha I Getcha"
JazzPopTraditional Pop
We Did Not Ask for This Room.jpg
We Did Not Ask for This Room

by Johnny Manchild and the Poor Bastards

  1. "Resolve"
RockAlternative Rock
The Imaginaries Album.jpg
The Imaginaries

by The Imaginaries

  1. "Trust Falling with You"

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