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2018 Albums

The following is a list of albums released in 2018.

For additional information about bands formed, reformed, disbanded, or on hiatus, for deaths of musicians, and for links to musical awards, see 2018 events. For previous years, see List of album releases by year.

First quarter[edit]


Release date Artist Album Genre Label Home
Jan. 1, 2018 Aberrant Construct Scaphism MetalExtreme MetalDeathcore Chugcore Tulsa, OK
Keathley Momma & Pops RockFolk Rock Guthrie, OK
Obscure Sanity Age of Arrogance MetalDeathcore Broken Arrow, OK
Ramona & the Phantoms Sweet & Low RockIndie Rock Tulsa, OK
Jan. 5, 2018 Horcrvx Deathcurse MetalDeath MetalChristianChristian Death Metal Oklahoma City, OK
Jan. 7, 2018 Lil Mike & Funny Bone Beat of the Drum Hip HopNative American Hip HopChristianChristian Hip Hop Oklahoma City, OK
Jan. 9, 2018 Jimmy Markham Get Ya Head Right RockBlues RockTulsa Sound Tulsa Blues Project Tulsa, OK
Jan. 12, 2018 And There Stand Empires Live at Borders 2000 RockInstrumentalProgressive Fusion Plum-E Tulsa, OK
And There Stand Empires Live at Borders 2001 RockInstrumentalProgressive Fusion Plum-E Tulsa, OK
Jan. 14, 2018 Planet What Angus Yarn RockGrungePunk Rock Tulsa, OK
Jan. 15, 2018 Stellar Ascent Beginnings RockProgressive Rock Tulsa, OK
Jan. 18, 2018 Various Artists The Oklahoma Room at Folk Alliance 2018 Folk Horton OK
Jan. 19, 2018 Jason Scott Living Rooms Country Oklahoma City, OK
Jan. 20, 2018 Brooding Vol. 3 RockDream PopSynthcore Oklahoma City, OK
Galaxia Countdown to Discovery MetalProgressive MetalIndustrial Rock Bartlesville, OK
Nancy K. Dillon A Game of Swans FolkAmericana Rose Rock Seattle, WA
Jan. 26, 2018 The Bourgeois From the Darkest Corners of the Brightest Rooms RockAlternative Rock Tulsa, OK
Jan. 27, 2018 Space Horse Just a Light Jacket RockLoFi Tulsa, OK
Jan. 31, 2018 Mudd Flux MDFX MetalPostmodern Metal Tulsa, OK


Release date Artist Album Genre Label Home
Feb. 6, 2018 Stephanie Oliver & Henry Aberson Oliver / Aberson PopTraditional PopLounge Tulsa, OK
Feb. 8, 2018 Brandon Jenkins Tail Lights in a Boomtown CountryRed DirtTexas Country Red Dirt Legend Nashville, TN
Feb. 9, 2018 Hyunsoon Whang Chopin Nocturnes ClassicalMusical Arkadia Lawton, OK
Iron Cathedral Iron Cathedral MetalDoom MetalSludge MetalStoner Metal Tulsa, OK
Feb. 10, 2018 Cloak & Cave Co-Ed ElectronicIndustrialNoise Black Ring Rituals Pomona, CA • Stilwell, OK
Feb. 11, 2018 Chrim More Songs for Baby ElectronicSynthpop Tulsa, OK
Understanding Eris Entropy MetalProgressive MetalMetalcore Piedmont, OK
Feb. 16, 2018 David Cook Chromance RockPop Rock Analog Heart Nashville, TN
Sean C. Johnson Grateful ChristianContemporary ChristianHip HopChristian Hip HopR&BChristian R&B Circa 1993 Del City, OK
Sean C. Johnson Race the Sun ChristianContemporary ChristianHip HopChristian Hip HopR&BChristian R&B Circa 1993 Del City, OK
Feb. 15, 2018 Lauryn Hardiman Reload PopPop Rock Oklahoma City, OK
Feb. 20, 2018 Nicolaus Vannostran It is Grown. In Open Water, One Like Myself. ElectronicAmbientDrone Norman, OK
Feb. 22, 2018 A Mixtape Catastrophe Muse (Re-Release) RockAlternative RockProgressive Alternative Tulsa, OK
Feb. 23, 2018 Kauri As a Creature of Temperature FolkExperimental Folk Woodward, OK
Feb. 24, 2018 Kailey Abel The Piano Sessions Pop Verdigris, OK
Feb. 26, 2018 J.A.Y Pilotlife XXVI Hip Hop Tulsa, OK
Feb. 28, 2018 Saturn Stomping Grounds RockPost-RockProgressive Rock Moore, OK
Twisted Psykie I Remember When ElectronicAmbient Oklahoma City, OK


Release date Artist Album Genre Label Home
Mar. 1, 2018 Midday Static Dreamcatcher ElectronicDreampopSynthpopChillwave Tulsa, OK
Mar. 2, 2018 MercyMe I Can Only Imagine: The Very Best of MercyMe ChristianContemporary ChristianChristian Rock Fair Trade Edmond, OK
Mar. 9, 2018 Give Way Demo 2018 MetalBeatdown Hardcore Tulsa, OK
Red City Radio SkyTigers RockPunkAlternative Rock Red Scare Oklahoma City, OK
Mar. 11, 2018 Joesf Glaude & James Ruggles Reflections ClassicalInstrumental Tulsa, OK
Mar. 16, 2018 When the Clock Strikes Overnight RockPop PunkIndie Rock Tulsa, OK
Mar. 17, 2018 Amenaza Everything is Not OK IV Promo RockPunk Oklahoma City, OK
Mar. 19, 2018 Kelly Willis Back Being Blue Country Premium Austin, TX
Mar. 20, 2018 Black Magnet Black Magnet ElectronicIndustrialIndustrial Metal Oklahoma City, OK
Mar. 27, 2018 Basses Loaded Creators of All Existence MetalDeath MetalThrash Metal Tulsa, OK
Mar. 28, 2018 Ben Quad Spring 2018 Demo: The Birth of Ben Quad RockEmo Tulsa, OK
Pugh Heaven in Your Eyes Hip Hop Skully Gang Oklahoma City, OK
Mar. 29, 2018 Bad Athlete Bad Athlete RockPop RockPower Pop Norman, OK
Mar. 30, 2018 Hello, 4am Keeping Warm PopAlternative PopDreampop Tulsa, OK

Second quarter[edit]


Release date Artist Album Genre Label Home
Apr. 4, 2018 The Fabulous Minx Party Till We're Dead RockGarage RockPunk Tulsa, OK
Apr. 6, 2018 Jabee The Life and Times Soundtrack RapHip Hop Grand Union Oklahoma City, OK
Kirra Fight or Flight RockHard Rock Oklahoma City, OK
Mark Selby Naked Sessions RockBlues Rock Naked Sessions Nashville, TN
Sean C. Johnson Days Like This ChristianContemporary ChristianHip HopChristian Hip HopR&BChristian R&B Circa 1993 Del City, OK
Apr. 8, 2018 Carcinogen Daily Carcinogen Daily MetalSludge MetalStoner MetalDoom MetalGrunge Fume Doom Tulsa, OK
Apr. 11, 2018 Joel T. Mosman Live at the State Theatre AmericanaFolkAlternative Country Guthrie, OK
Apr. 19, 2018 All Seeing Eye Dog Anatomy Garden ElectronicAmbient Tulsa, OK
Apr. 20, 2018 Brad Fielder Country Folk FolkCountry Norman, OK
The Classless Try Not to Panic, Pt. 1 RockAlternative Rock Tulsa, OK
David Puffin Issa RapHip Hop Streets United Tulsa, OK
New Tribe Step Outside RockPsychedelic Rock Norman, OK
Screaming Red Mutiny Screaming Red Mutiny Metal Mugen Tulsa, OK
Apr. 23, 2018 Maddie Razook Scared All the Time Pop Oklahoma City, OK
Apr. 27, 2018 The Nghiems Soulmatic RockIndie RockAlternative Rock Oklahoma City, OK
Nolatet No Revenge Necessary JazzJazz Fusion Royal Potato Family New Orleans, LA
Apr. 29, 2018 AM Homelands RockFolk RockAlternative Rock Origin Peoples Los Angeles, CA
Desolate Tomb Sheepskin MetalDeath MetalChristianChristian Death Metal Oklahoma City, OK


Release date Artist Album Genre Label Home
May 4, 2018 Erin O'Dowd Old Town FolkAmericana Horton Tulsa, OK
Parker Millsap Other Arrangements FolkAmericana Okrahoma Purcell, OK
Student Film Until We Are In Fashion Again PopRockIndie RockSynthpop Oklahoma City, OK
May 8, 2018 Gutter Villain Wasted All the Time RockPunkHardcore Punk Tulsa, OK
May 11, 2018 Good Villains Vantablack RockDoom Pop Tulsa, OK
Pittersplatter Wastelands ElectronicIndustrialEBM Stillwater, OK
May 12, 2020 The Backward Few Takeout RockTrash Rock Tulsa, OK
May 13, 2018 Somber Ire Blackened Stain MetalExtreme MetalBlack Metal Tulsa, OK
Morgueanne The Dark Room ElectronicDarkwaveEBM Oklahoma City, OK
May 15, 2018 Westeray Hidden Machines Electronic8Bit Ardmore, OK
May 17, 2018 Hanson Animal Instincts Pop RockIndie RockPower Pop 3CG Tulsa, OK
May 18, 2018 Chair Model Chair Model PopRockPop Rock Oklahoma City, OK
Jason Boland & the Stragglers Hard Times Are Relative CountryRed DirtTexas Country Proud Souls Austin, TX
John Calvin Abney Coyote Folk Tulsa, OK
May 19, 2018 Hanson The Machine ElectronicExperimental 3CG Tulsa, OK
May 21, 2018 Randy Rulz Playtime RockIndie RockLo-Fi Oklahoma City, OK
Mar. 25, 2018 Chaotic Resemblance Covenant MetalChristianChristian Metal Poteau, OK
Mar. 28, 2018 Nightmare Gang Goosebumps at 3AM Hip Hop Spencer, OK
May 29, 2018 Bad Athlete Bad Athlete RockPop RockPower Pop Norman, OK
May 31, 2018 Jack Waters and the Unemployed Jack Waters and the Unemployed RockSouthern RockCountry Blues Oklahoma City, OK


Release date Artist Album Genre Label Home
June 1, 2018 Carter Sampson A Wilder and Another Side CountryFolk Continental Song City Oklahoma City, OK
Johnny Polygon Audiobiography Vol. 1 Hip HopR&B Tulsa, OK • Los Angeles, CA
June 8, 2018 Adam & Kizzie The Book of EEDO Vol. 3: THREEDO JazzSoulHip HopEedo Oklahoma City, OK
Brooding Collection RockDream PopSynthcore Oklahoma City, OK
June 11, 2018 Ryan & Ryan Kickin' the Clouds Away ClassicalContemporary ClassicalJazz Protégé Tulsa, OK
June 15, 2018 Dischordia Binge/Purge MetalProgressive MetalDeath Metal Oklahoma City, OK
Levi Parham It's All Good FolkAmericana Horton McAlester, OK
June 22, 2018 James McAlister Three Breaths ElectronicAmbient Los Angeles, CA
Kyle Reid Love and Trust (In the Age of St. Sugar Britches) Folk Horton Norman, OK
June 29, 2018 Medisin 539 / 918 Hip HopElectronicAmbient Hip Hop Tulsa, OK

Third quarter[edit]


Release date Artist Album Genre Label Home
July 3, 2018 45ive The Outsider Hip Hop Stilwell, OK
July 6, 2018 Aludra Moons MetalBlack Metal Tulsa, OK
July 13, 2018 Plastic Psalms Dutch Ammonia Plant RockPunkMath Rock Cult Love Sound Tapes Tulsa, OK
July 15, 2018 To Kill Porter Comrades with Guitars RockSouthern Rock Oklahoma City, OK
July 16, 2018 Heartbreak Rodeo End of Summer RockFolk Rock Norman, OK
July 20, 2018 The Agony Scene Tormenter MetalMetalcore Outerloop Tulsa, OK
ModernMyth Tides RockHard RockProgressive Rock Myth Tulsa, OK
July 21, 2018 G Sharp Sovereign Hip HopChristianChristian Rap Tulsa, OK
July 22, 2018 The Beaten Daylights Look on the Bright Side RockGarage RockGarage PunkPunk Tulsa, OK
G Sharp Greenwood: The Story of Dick Rowland Hip HopChristianChristian Rap Tulsa, OK
July 24, 2018 Blurt Demo RockPunkGrindcorePowerviolence Tulsa, OK
July 27, 2018 Dee Hym 9ineteen98 Hip Hop Hymn Entertainment Tulsa, OK
Tree//Nature From Out of the Woodwork ElectronicAmbientDark Ambient Tulsa, OK


Release date Artist Album Genre Label Home
Aug. 1, 2018 Let Slip the Dogs We Raise the Leg RockHard RockAlternative Tulsa, OK
Aug. 3, 2018 The Gales The Gales FolkAmericana Stillwater, OK
Johnny Manchild and the Poor Bastards Insomnia RockAlternative Rock Oklahoma City, OK
NewKings My Horizon RockSouthern RockChristianChristian Rock Bartlesville, OK
Aug. 10, 2018 Chris Lee Becker In and Around Bethlehem, USA Horton Tulsa, OK
Aug. 16, 2018 Tr3yton Dab. Hip Hop Norman, OK
Aug. 18, 2018 Blackpill Critical Malfunction ElectronicEBMAggrotech Oklahoma City, OK
Aug. 22, 2018 Ben Quad & My Heart & Liver Are the Best of Friends Split RockEmo Tulsa, OK
Jared Deck Live at 115 RockCountryAmericana Weatherford, OK
Michael Nesmith & the First National Band Redux Live at the Troubadour RockCountry Rock A7 Los Angeles, CA
Aug. 24, 2018 Sports Everyone's Invited PopAlternative PopDream Pop Tulsa, OK
Aug. 27, 2018 Garth Brooks Triple Live CountryCountry PopCountry Rock Pearl Claremore, OK
Aug. 28, 2018 Violent Affair Anthems of Defiance in a Dying World, Volume III: Bargaining RockPunkOiHardcore Punk Oklahoma City, OK


Release date Artist Album Genre Label Home
Sept. 1, 2018 Erik Oftedahl Places FolkAmericana Oklahoma City, OK
Kidgoten Fall Shade RapHip Hop Guin Tulsa, OK
Sept. 4, 2018 Hoarseman Neverforeverland RockArt Rock Tulsa, OK
Sept. 5, 2018 Blind Oath Demonstration MMXVIII MetalHeavy MetalThrash Metal Tulsa, OK
Sept. 7, 2018 Had Enough Mood Swings RapHip-Hop Mugen Tulsa, OK
Sept. 10, 2018 Adam the God Adam Keeble's Big Move RapHip Hop T-Town Boys Tulsa, OK
Sept. 11, 2018 BoneMagic Wrath of the Red Vest ElectronicIndustrialNoise Cult Love Stilwell, OK
Trip G Late Nights, Early Mornings RapHip Hop Oklahoma City, OK
Sept. 12, 2018 David B. Hooten Songs for Someone JazzEasy Listening Oklahoma City, OK
Tell Lies Constant Negative RockMelodic Hardcore Tulsa, OK
Sept. 14, 2018 Carrie Underwood Cry Pretty CountryCountry Pop Capitol Nashville Nashville, TN
Goodfella We're All Attached to Something RockPop Punk Tahlequah, OK
Sept. 15, 2018 Grass Giant Live @ the Beehive Lounge MetalDoom MetalPsychedelic Doom Metal Tulsa, OK
Sept. 16, 2018 Planet What Maggie Fingers RockGrungePunk Cult Love Tulsa, OK
Thomas Who? Who Knew? Hip HopLounge Hop Oklahoma City, OK
Sept. 20, 2018 Hummin' Bird Gutter Glitter RockPunk Tulsa, OK
Sept. 21, 2018 Seth Lee Jones Live at the Colony BluesRockBlue Rock Horton Tulsa, OK
Sept. 22, 2018 Tree//Nature Crying Mime ElectronicAmbientDark Ambient Tulsa, OK
Sept. 28, 2018 All for More Release RockAlternative RockPop Rock Tulsa, OK
Bam Beezy Bayb & David Puffin Goat Status RapHip Hop Streets United Tulsa, OK

Fourth quarter[edit]


Release date Artist Album Genre Label Home
Oct. 1, 2018 Unknown Kapriest Free Agent (Book 1) Hip Hop Tulsa, OK
Oct. 3, 2018 BoneMagic Praise Those That Devour ElectronicIndustrialNoise Phage Stilwell, OK
Cliffdiver Small Hours RockAlternative RockEmo Headass Tulsa, OK
One Two Ten Hurry RockPop Rock Oklahoma City, OK
Oct. 5, 2018 Chair Model II PopRockPop Rock Oklahoma City, OK
Jabee & Blu The Adventures of Mudbone the Cartoon RapHip Hop FiveSe7en Oklahoma City, OK • Los Angeles, CA
Panhandle Dirt Panhandle Dirt CountryRed Dirt Woodward, OK
S. Reidy And Here with You, I Am Hip HopArt Rap Norman, OK
Oct. 8, 2018 Piece of Mind Trilogy MetalHardcore Safe Inside Tulsa, OK
Oct. 10, 2018 Dean Demerritt, Sarah Maud, & Sean Al-Jibouri Compared to Now Jazz Tulsa, OK
Oct. 12, 2018 Annie Oakley Words We Mean FolkIndie FolkAmericanaFolk Rock Horton Oklahoma City, OK
Broncho Bad Behaviour RockIndie Rock Park the Van Norman, OK
Desi & Cody Yes, This is Killing Us RockFolkPsychedelic Folk Horton Tulsa, OK
St. Vincent MassEducation RockPopArt Rock Loma Vista Dallas, TX
Oct. 15, 2018 Dawn Anita The Country in Me Country Free Country Velma, OK
Oct. 19, 2018 Soulrstar Soulrstar Hip HopR&B Tulsa, OK
Oct. 26, 2018 Carter Sampson Lucky CountryFolk Horton Oklahoma City, OK
Ester Drang The Appearances RockAlternative RockShoegaze Clerestory AV Broken Arrow, OK
New Time Zones Stage One RockIndie RockSynth Rock Tulsa, OK
Stellar Ascent Terminal 1 RockProgressive Rock Tulsa, OK
YungxHalloween King of Space Hip HopRamble Rap Tulsa, OK
Oct. 27, 2018 TurfHogg Street Obligated, Vol. 1 RapHip Hop Stillslap'dup Tulsa, OK
Oct. 30, 2018 Wicked Shimmies Exile on 5th Street RockPunkGarage RockAcid Rock Wiener Chickasha, OK
Oct. 31, 2018 Aludra Primitive Cosmic Onslaught MetalBlack Metal Tulsa, OK
Constant Peril Constant Peril MetalGrindcore Tulsa, OK
Disparity Gospel Antechamber of Abundant Emptiness MetalDeath MetalBlack Metal Plum-E Tulsa, OK
You.th Ghost in Blood Hip Hop Tulsa, OK


Release date Artist Album Genre Label Home
Nov. 2, 2018 Ciara Brooke Diva Diaries Pop Tonkawa, OK
Ken Pomeroy Hallways FolkAmericana Horton Moore, OK
JD McPherson Socks RockRockabillyRhythm and Blues New West Broken Arrow, OK
Senior Fellows / Floodwalker Senior Fellows/Floodwalker MetalDoom MetalSludge Metal Night Animal Tulsa, OK
Skysia Skysia Metal Tulsa, OK
Nov. 3, 2018 Zunis Earth to Self RockIndie RockAlternative RockPsychedelic Rock Tulsa, OK
Nov. 7, 2018 And There Stand Empires Ceremonial Syndrome InstrumentalProgressive Fusion HortonPlum-E Tulsa, OK
Nov. 9, 2018 Hanson String Theory OrchestralPop RockIndie RockPower Pop 3CG Tulsa, OK
Hanson A Piece of String OrchestralPop RockIndie RockPower Pop 3CG Tulsa, OK
Joshua & the Holy Rollers Tribulations RockFolk RockBlues Rock Los Angeles, CA
Stars Go Dim Christmas is Here ChristianPop RockChristian PopChristian Rock Word Tulsa, OK
Nov. 10, 2018 Adam the God TTB-Sides RapHip Hop T-Town Boys Tulsa, OK
Twisted Psykie After Dark ElectronicAmbient Oklahoma City, OK
Nov. 11, 2018 Licking Wounds Licking Wounds ElectronicIndustrialNoise Pomona, CA • Stilwell, OK
Nov. 14, 2018 Blackpill Revolution ElectronicEBMAggrotech Oklahoma City, OK
Nov. 15, 2018 BeatmakerKelz Bumps Hip HopTrap Tulsa, OK
Nov. 16, 2018 The Noise Estate Dust on the Shelf RockPop Punk Pryor Creek, OK
Norma Jean The Essential Norma Jean: The RCA Years Country Sony Wellston, OK
Tr3yton Tr3yton Season Hip Hop Norman, OK
TurfHogg, RyUkkit Wesson, & Billy Mob Sims Tulsa Drillers RapHip Hop Stillslap'dup Tulsa, OK
Nov. 18, 2018 Tallows & Husbands Tallows / Husbands RockExperimental RockPower PopLoFi Clarestory AV Oklahoma City, OK
Nov. 20, 2018 Garth Brooks The Anthology Part III: Live CountryCountry PopCountry Rock Pearl Claremore, OK
Nov. 23, 2018 Rushmore Beekeepers A Reasonable Distance FolkIndie FolkElectro Folk Tulsa, OK
Various Artists A Blackwatch Christmas, Vol VIII: The Sounds of the Season ChristmasRock Norman, OK
Nov. 29, 2018 Keeng Cut Flavio Cutatore Hip Hop Tulsa, OK
Nov. 30, 2018 TurfHogg They Can't Budge Me RapHip Hop Stillslap'dup Tulsa, OK


Release date Artist Album Genre Label Home
Dec. 1, 2018 Ravens Three Flight WorldCelticCeltic Folk Oklahoma City, OK
Dec. 4, 2018 Red Dirt Rangers Blue Door Nights CountryAlternative CountryRed Dirt Blue Door Stillwater, OK
Dec. 7, 2018 Tell Lies Broken Dreams / Lost Love RockMelodic Hardcore Tulsa, OK
Dec. 8, 2018 Somber Ire Hiraeth MetalExtreme MetalBlack Metal Tulsa, OK
Dec. 15, 2018 Aberrant Construct Silience MetalExtreme MetalDeathcore Chugcore Tulsa, OK
Various Artists Elements Volume 1 ElectronicHouseChillwave Cult Love Tulsa, OK
Dec. 23, 2018 Westeray Snowing in Vanderbaun Electronic8Bit Ardmore, OK
Downward Downward RockShoegazeEmo New Morality Zine Tulsa, OK
Dec. 25, 2018 Plastic Psalms Plastic Dü RockPunkMath Rock Tulsa, OK
Twisted Psykie Shades of Winter ElectronicAmbient Oklahoma City, OK