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2005 Albums

The following is a list of albums released in 2005.

For additional information about bands formed, reformed, disbanded, or on hiatus, for deaths of musicians, and for links to musical awards, see 2005 events. For previous years, see List of album releases by year.

First quarter[edit]


Release date Artist Album Genre Label Home
Jan. 1, 2005 Shiny Toy Guns We Are Pilots RockIndie RockSynthpopElectroclash Stormwest International Los Angeles, CA
Jan. 25, 2005 Aqueduct I Sold Gold PopIndie Pop Barsuk Tulsa, OK


Release date Artist Album Genre Label Home
Feb. 2005 Linda Barton Paul Heart Strings ChristmasJazz Tulsa, OK
Feb. 4, 2005 El Paso Hot Button Indian Program RockGarage Rock Little Mafia Norman, OK
Feb. 22, 2005 Kings of Leon Aha Shake Heartbreak RockAlternative Rock RCA Nashville, Tennessee


Release date Artist Album Genre Label Home
Mar. 1, 2005 Amanda Cunningham EP '05 CountryAmericana Oklahoma City, OK
Mar. 7, 2005 The Flaming Lips Late Night Tales: The Flaming Lips RockAlternative Rock Late Night Tales Oklahoma City, OK
Mar. 25, 2005 Queen's Gambit Pawn to King Four WorldCeltic Coweta, OK
Mar. 28, 2005 Kristin Chenoweth As I Am JazzPopVocal Pop Sony New York City, NY

Second quarter[edit]


Release date Artist Album Genre Label Home
Apr. 2005 Waiting on E 2005 Demo RockChristian RockChristian Catoosa, OK
Apr. 5, 2005 Brandon Jenkins Down in Flames CountryRed DirtTexas Country Thirty Tigers Austin, TX
Apr. 6, 2005 Norma Jean The Loneliest Star in Texas Country Heart of Texas Wellston, OK
Apr. 19, 2005 Hal Singer & Massimo Faraò Trio We're Still Buddies JazzBluesJump Blues Azzurra Chatou, France
Apr. 27, 2005 El Paso Hot Button 03-05 RockGarage Rock LiversLiver Norman, OK
Apr. 29, 2005 Jared Tyler Blue Alleluia FolkCountryAmericana Tulsa, OK


Release date Artist Album Genre Label Home
May 2005 Linda Barton Paul Smooth Jazz Strings ChristmasJazz Tulsa, OK
Malan Darras Every Day Man Tulsa, OK
May 1, 2005 Traindodge Under Black Sails RockMath RockAlternative Rock Stiff Slack Oklahoma City, OK
May 8, 2005 Damezumari Politics of Lonely RockEmoScreamo Tulsa, OK
May 17, 2005 Toby Keith Honkytonk University Country DreamWorks Nashville Norman, OK
May 24, 2005 The Agony Scene The Darkest Red MetalMetalcore Roadrunner Tulsa, OK


Release date Artist Album Genre Label Home
June 6, 2005 Gene Autry & Jimmy Long Texas Blues CountryWestern BACM Los Angeles, CA • Sapulpa, OK
June 25, 2005 Zac Maloy The Yellow RockAlternative Rock Intercept Oklahoma City, OK

Third quarter[edit]


Release date Artist Album Genre Label Home
July 2005 Sammi Smith Help Me Make It Through the Night: The Memorial Album CountryOutlaw Country Acrobat Bristow, OK
July 11, 2005 The All-American Rejects Move Along RockEmo PopPower PopPop RockPop PunkEmo Interscope Stillwater, OK
July 15, 2005 Cheyenne I am Haunted, I am Alive FolkRockAmericana The Record Machine Norman, OK
July 21, 2005 Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey 4 Improvisations for the Ghost JazzJazz Fusion reapandsow Tulsa, OK
July 26, 2005 Boondogs Fever Dreams RockAlternative Folk Little Rock, AR


Release date Artist Album Genre Label Home
Aug. 2005 Linda Barton Paul Praise Strings ChristianJazz Tulsa, OK
Aug. 6, 2005 Various Artists Songs of Scarlet WorldCeltic Oklahoma City, OK
Aug. 25, 2005 Wreckless Process Pull Your Own Weight RockAlternative Rock Vigilant Tulsa, OK
Aug. 29, 2005 Jami Smith Hope of All the Earth ChristmasChristianRockChristian RockPop Rock Oklahoma City, OK
Aug. 30, 2005 Brooks & Dunn Hillbilly Deluxe Country Arista Nashville Nashville, TN
Various Artists Jamie Oldaker's Mad Dogs & Okies Various Universal Tulsa, OK


Release date Artist Album Genre Label Home
Sept. 17, 2005 The Effects Nineteen RockGarage Rock Tulsa, OK
Sept. 23, 2005 Jami Smith Bravo God ChristianRockChristian RockPop Rock Oklahoma City, OK
Sept. 27, 2005 Hinder Extreme Behavior Universal Republic RockAlternative RockPost-GrungeHard Rock Oklahoma City, OK
Ludo Broken Bride RockAlternative Rock Redbird Tulsa, OK
MercyMe The Christmas Sessions ChristianContemporary ChristianChristian Rock INO Edmond, OK
Thirteen Stars These Places RockPower PopIndieAlternative Hale Bopp Space Oklahoma City, OK

Fourth quarter[edit]


Release date Artist Album Genre Label Home
Oct. 10, 2005 Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey The Sameness of Difference JazzJazz Fusion Hyena Tulsa, OK
Oct. 11, 2005 Hanson The Best of Hanson: Live and Electric Pop RockIndie RockPower Pop 3CG Tulsa, OK
Sandi Patty Yuletide Joy Contemporary ChristianChristianChristmas Fair Trade Oklahoma City, OK
Oct. 28, 2005 El Paso Hot Button Turtle Wars RockGarage Rock Little Mafia Norman, OK
Oct. 31, 2005 Henson Cargill A Very Well Traveled Man Country Omni Oklahoma City, OK


Release date Artist Album Genre Label Home
Nov. 2005 Shiny Toy Guns We Are Pilots (Re-Release) RockIndie RockSynthpopElectroclash SideCho Records Los Angeles, CA
Nov. 8, 2005 The Tractors The Kids Record ChildrensCountry Boy Rocking Tulsa, OK
Nov. 12, 2005 Hanson Never Let Go Pop RockIndie RockPower Pop 3CG Tulsa, OK
Nov. 15, 2005 Carrie Underwood Some Hearts CountryCountry Pop 19Arista Nashville Checotah, OK
The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Wins! (Live Radio Sessions) RockAlternative RockPsychedelic RockExperimental RockPost-Punk Warner Brothers Oklahoma City, OK
Nov. 16, 2005 Gravity Propulsion System Get Destroy RockAlternative Rock Ascetic Oklahoma City, OK
Nov. 17, 2005 Byron Berline Flat Broke Fiddler FolkBluegrass Double-Stop Guthrie, OK
Nov. 18, 2005 Glenn Barber Rock Masters: Cheating CountryRockabilly Tudor Nashville, TN
Nov. 22, 2005 Derek Joe Brockett, Grumpy Bear, Everything is Fine, & Theath If We Were Trees RockExperimental Rock Tract Oaxaca, MX
Reba McEntire Reba #1's Country MCA Nashville Kiowa, OK
Nov. 25, 2005 Garth Brooks The Limited Series CountryCountry PopCountry Rock Pearl Claremore, OK
Nov. 27, 2005 Dawn Anita Plumlee I Saw the Light CountryChristianGospelBluegrass Free Country Velma, OK
Stardeath and White Dwarfs & The Casket Girls What Keeps You Up at Night RockExperimental RockPsychedelic Rock Oklahoma City, OK
Nov. 28, 2005 Hanson MMMBop: The Collection Pop RockIndie RockPower Pop Spectrum Tulsa, OK
Joesf Glaude Perfect World JazzInstrumental St. Cecilia's Tulsa, OK
Nov. 30, 2005 Lil Mike & Funny Bone Dirty South Native Style Hip HopNative American Hip HopChristianChristian Hip Hop Oklahoma City, OK


Release date Artist Album Genre Label Home
Dec. 2005 Linda Barton Paul Christmas in the Alps ChristmasJazz Tulsa, OK
Dec. 13, 2005 The All-American Rejects The Bite Back EP RockEmo PopPower PopPop RockPop PunkEmo Interscope Stillwater, OK
Dec. 16, 2005 Finnegans Awake Finnegans... Awakenings! WorldFolkCeltic Tulsa, OK
Dec. 18, 2005 The Red Alert Put On Your Game Face RockPop Rock Tulsa, OK
Dec. 21, 2005 Leon Russell Rock Masters: Mystery Train (Live but Digitally Reworked) RockTulsa Sound Carinco AG Tulsa, OK
Dec. 30, 2005 Scales of Motion Bonus Tracks RockPop PunkIndie RockPost-Hardcore Tulsa, OK


Release date Artist Album Genre Label Home
2005 Asy9 Forlorn RockElectronicIndustrial Tulsa, OK
2005 Asy9 Quicksilver rd1 (Re-Release) RockElectronicIndustrial Tulsa, OK
2005 Asy9 Singles RockElectronicIndustrial Tulsa, OK
2005 B. J. Thomas That Christmas Feeling Christmas Madacy Arlington, TX
2005 Brad Absher Band Gulf Coast Soul BluesRockBlues Rock Soul Tex Houston, TX
2005 Colourmusic Red PopRockIndie PopIndie RockNeo-Psychedelia Stillwater, OK
2005 Destroyer Destroyer & Vessels Cast from Crippled Hands The Spider-Bear Tales MetalMathcore Debello Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2005 Edgar Cruz & David B. Hooten Sweet Georgia Blue JazzEasy Listening Oklahoma City, OK
2005 The Engine Hearts The People You Like the Most RockIndie Rock Full Blast Tulsa, OK
2005 Eternal Decision Two Thousand Years of Metallica MetalThrash Metal Godfather Oklahoma City, OK
2005 Free Advertizement Music Maker ElectronicExperimental ElectronicMinimal Techno Emery Tulsa, OK
2005 Gene Autry All American Country Country Sony Los Angeles, CA
2005 Joe Liggins The Chronological Joe Liggins 1950-1952 BluesJump BluesRhythm and Blues Classics Los Angeles, California
2005 Horseshoe Road Reel-to-Reel Folk Oklahoma City, OK
2005 Les Gilliam Old Country Songs Never Die Country Ponca City, OK
2005 Merl Lindsay and His Oklahoma Night Riders 1945-1952 CountryWestern Swing Krazy Kat Oklahoma City, OK
2005 Pittersplatter Killer Beats ElectronicIndustrialEBM Stillwater, OK
2005 Sam Harris The Best of Christmas Live! ChristmasPop Tsuris Los Angeles, CA
2005 Septic Devourment Septic Devourment MetalDeath Metal Norman, OK
2005 The Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma Foundation ChristianGospelHymns Baptist General Convention Oklahoma City, OK
2005 Someplace to Hide Shouting, "Saintly, Not Ghostly!" RockEmoScreamo Dead City Oklahoma City, OK
2005 Stardeath and White Dwarfs That's Cool RockExperimental RockPsychedelic Rock Oklahoma City, OK
2005 Submerged in Dirt Twitch of the Death Nerve MetalDeath Metal Okmulgee, OK
2005 Team Galaxy Holiday Sampler ChristmasRock Tulsa, OK
2005 Umbrellas Umbrellas RockIndie Rock The Militia Group Norman, OK
2005 Various Artists Will Rock 4 Food Yawn Tulsa, OK