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1990s Retrospective


1990s Music Trends[edit]

Music in the 1990s saw the continuation of teen pop and dance-pop trends, which had emerged in the 1970s and 1980s.

Furthermore, hip hop grew and continued to be highly successful in the decade, with the continuation of the genre's golden age.

Similarly to the 1980s, rock music was also very popular in the 1990s. Unlike the 1980s music scene, which was dominated by new wave and glam metal, grunge, industrial rock, and other alternative rock music emerged and took over as the most popular of the decade, as well as punk rock, ska punk, and nu metal.

Electronic music, which had risen in popularity in the 1980s, grew highly popular in the 1990s. House and techno from the 1980s rose to international success in this decade.

The decade also featured the rise of contemporary country music as a major genre, which had started in the 1980s.

Track Information[edit]


  1. "Dancing On the Sun" by Mellowdramatic Wallflowers from the 1994 EP Church Studio.
  2. "Didn't Have to Get So Mad" by Soul Avengers from the 2003 album Soul Avengers, which was recorded in 1990.
  3. "Hey Hey" by Cross Canadian Ragweed from the 1998 album Carney.
  4. "Believe" by Difuser from the 1998 album The Evil Monkey Trio.
  5. "You're So 1988" by Epperley from the 1999 album Sophomore Slump.
  6. "6x6" by Puller from the 1996 album Sugarless.
  7. "Girl of My Dreams" by Mr. Crispy from the 1998 album Drug Free and Regretting It.
  8. "Sugar" by Mollys Yes from the 1999 album Wonderworld.
  9. "Race for the Prize" by The Flaming Lips from the 1999 album The Soft Bulletin.
  10. "Had a Lover" by For Love Not Lisa from the 1995 album Information Superdriveway.
  11. "It Was Me" by Alexander Inmate from the 1995 album Purple of the Odd Person.
  12. "Sister" by The Nixons from the 1995 album Foma.
  13. "Pop Heiress Dies" by Chainsaw Kittens from the 1994 album Pop Heiress.
  14. "Corresponding Failure" by Traindodge from the 1999 album About Tomorrow's Mileage.


  1. "Risen" by Eternal Decision from the 1996 album Eternal Decision.
  2. "Stranger Than Fiction" by Forté from the 1992 album Stranger Than Fiction.


  1. "Lottery" by Brother Inferior from the 1998 EP Six More Reasons.
  2. "Bigtime Raygun Attack" by Big Skin Hearts from the 1997 album Big Skin Hearts.
  3. "Trust" by Love Button from the 1993 EP Love Button.


  1. "Just a Doll" by Jenny Labow from the 1997 album Flourish.
  2. "Yearbook" by Hanson from the 1997 album Middle of Nowhere.
  3. "All Around the World" by Raze from the 1999 album Power.
  4. "Man to Conquer All" by B. J. Thomas from the 1992 album Back Against the Wall.
  5. "I Wanna Sex You Up" by Color Me Badd from the 1991 album C.M.B..


  1. "The Ghost of Jesse James" by Brandon Jenkins from the 1999 album The Ghost of Jesse James.
  2. "It Starts with "L"" by Ty England from the 1996 album Two Ways to Fall.
  3. "Setting the Woods On Fire" by The Tractors from the 1994 album The Tractors.
  4. "Sweet Dreams" by Leon Russell from the 1998 album Legend in My Time: Hank Wilson, Vol. III.
  5. "The Heart Won't Lie" by Reba McEntire with Vince Gill from the 1992 album It's Your Call.
  6. "So Help Me Girl" by Joe Diffie from the 1994 album Third Rock from the Sun.
  7. "1999" by Red Dirt Rangers from the 1999 album Rangers' Command.
  8. "Big Ol' Truck" by Toby Keith from the 1994 album Boomtown.
  9. "Someone Else's Star" by Bryan White from the 1994 album Bryan White.
  10. "If I Ever Get Back to Oklahoma" by Jason Boland & the Stragglers from the 1999 album Pearl Snaps.


  1. "In My Dreams" by Asy9 from the 1998 album Drunk on Dreams of Shadows and Darkness.
  2. "Shake Me" by Painted Orange from the 1992 album Painted Orange.

Hip Hop[edit]

  1. "Sunday Afternoon" by Playya 1000 with The D'Kster from the 1994 album Mo' Drama.


  1. "The Shadow of Your Smile" by Hal Singer from the 1991 album Senior Blues.
  2. "Moten Swing" by Jay McShann from the 1999 album Still Jumpin' the Blues.
  3. "5 Day Road Trip" by Wayman Tisdale from the 1996 album In the Zone.


  1. "Sun Going Down" by Lowell Fulson from the 1995 album Them Update Blues.


  1. "The Jade Stalk" by Michael Hedges from the 1990 album Taproot.

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